• If you are looking for a cheap and reliable heating source for central heating and hot water at your home, please contact us ASAP. Our engineers will provide the best solutionfor your. More at: www.pompycieplapanasonic.pl

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  • Gas Heat Pump maintains 100% heating capacity at - 20 oC ambient temperature. Additionally you can use one unit for cooling, heating, ventilation, heat recovery and operate at the same time as a water and direct expansion system. More at www.ghp-panasonic.pl

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  • If you have excess heat in your building or facility do not waste it ! You can always change it into cooling. Do You want to know how? Please visit our website www.sortech.pl

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  • Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems. If you want to sustainable reduce your energy consumption cost do not hesitate and contact with us ! Please find more at our website www.ecpower.com.pl

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  • The Reflok connector requires NO heat, NO hot works permit is required, NO fire alarm stand down, NO smouldering time, NO oxidation and NO purging. Reflok CAN SUBSTANTIALLY REDUCE YOUR INSTALLATION COSTS. Want to know more ? visit our website www.reflok.pl

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GHP System with DX Bioxigen AHU units


We have just finished the first in Poland installation of GHP system fully integrated with DX Air Handling Units in common control and refrigeration pipeline using REFLOK technology without brazing.


GHP system with intelligent controller


Next installation GHP system with integrated intelligent controller. Installation has been made in REFLOK technology-making aluminium installation with no brazing and no use of heat.

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